Curriculum Vitae


University of Virginia

Operations and Production Manager (August 2021- Present)

The Drama Operations and Production Manager is responsible for production, facilities, and venue management. This includes year-round supervision of facilities operations, events and rentals; production support of academic-year performances in the Department of Drama and its three theatres; and all aspects of production management for the summer professional theatre. Creates safety protocols for the Department such as COVID-19 mitigation strategies

Richmond Ballet

Assistant Master Electrician and Production Technician (August 2020 – June 2021)

Assist Master Electrician in leading the production team through hanging, cabling, and focusing lights, lighting programmer for productions, maintaining lighting related inventory, develop inventory system for performance and warehouse spaces, develop 3D visualization of venue and lighting to use within the console, find solutions for future productions, price out options and present ideas to members of production and artistic staff, assist other departments in duties as necessary.

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September Studio 2020

Excerpts from Gloria

alone, beside me – New Work choreographed by Ma Cong

Excerpt from Street Songs


Waltzes Once Forgotten – New Work choreographed by Mate Szentes

To This Day – New Work choreographed by Matthew Frain

October Studio 2020 Cast 1, Cast 2

Pas de Trois from Swan Lake

Always A Way – New Work choreographed by Starr Foster

The Waiting Room

Another Time, A Different Rose – New Work choreographed by Malcom Burn

Excerpts from Djangology

November Studio 2020 Cast 1A, Cast 1B, Cast 2

Rachmaninoff Rhapsody


Excerpt from Closing Doors

To the end – New Work choreographed by Ma Cong

February Studio 2021 Cast 1, Cast 2

Closer Than You Think – New Work choreographed by Marty Davis *Designer

Stay – New Work choreographed by Sarah Ferguson

A Muse – New Work choreographed by Eri Nishihara

Pushing Buttons – New Work choreographed by Ira White *Designer

Sleeping Beauty

Stolen Moments V.2

March Studio 2021 Cast 1, Cast 2

Violin V.2

May Studio 2021 Cast 1, Cast 2

some kind of peace – New Work by Levi Philip Marshman

Sweet Bitter Love

Who Cares?

Feld Entertainment, Inc.

Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic

Production Stage Manager (February 2020 – March 2020)

sesamePart of a “key” touring unit management team. The Production Stage Manager for an Ice or Stage show at Feld Entertainment provides leadership to the traveling crew, as well as oversight and logistical coordination of the technical operations of the production.

Responsible for the presentation of the show from a technical and production standpoint. Responsible for implementation of the Feld Entertainment Inc. Safety and Health Program and compliance with the programs regulations. Direct supervisor of the touring stagehands, responsible hiring and training of new stagehands. Responsible for advanced planning for engagements including but not limited to local labor, catering, setting up, performance and tearing down of all production elements. Responsible for following and administering of the rules, regulations and guidelines set forth by “Feld Entertainment Inc.” best practices as they pertain to Ice and Stage Shows. Responsible for the movement of show equipment from city to city in conjunction with corporate transportation. Responsible for submitting tech reports and safety program reports for each engagement on a timely basis to Ice and Stage Show Operations. Responsible for the arranging and purchasing of production related supplies as they relate to the show.

Head of Lighting (August 2019 – January 2020)

Leading a team of electricians through the process of maintaining and repairing an electrical inventory, electrical maintenance of articulate servo heads, performing daily electrician show procedures, organizing local union and non-union hands in the load-in and load-out of the show, filling out documentation, ordering supplies, communicating with show supporting staff on the status of the show, updating the programming of the show on a Martin M1 lighting console, maintaining the lighting design’s integrity in theatres, arenas, and halls.

Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts

Entertainment Technician/Trainer

(September 2017-January 2018, June 2018-August 2019)

Daily operations and training technicians of theatrical productions in the parks and related events, troubleshooting, cueing shows, operating lighting consoles, audio mixing, rigging, building/maintaining props, stilt/puppetry repair, guest relations, communicating show and safety related concerns, maintain safety and quality of show through completing checklists and paperwork, communication via radio, knowledge of pyrotechnics.

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue
Fort Wilderness Resort – Pioneer Hall

Audio Tech – Tests the microphones and audio system, follows own cueing of audio sound effects on either an Instant Replay or QLab enabled Device, audio mixing of 6 vocal mics, a banjo, a piano and a track on a Yamaha QL5 audio console.

Backstage Tech – Maintains the stage, does all backstage presets, performs a lamp check of all lighting fixtures, does an inspection of all rigging drops, during show follows own cueing on the GrandMA Dot2 lighting console, performs prop hand offs, scene changes, wardrobe quick changes, and acts as the A2 in the event of any audio mishaps.

Spotlight Operator – Tests the functions and perform basic maintenance on the sole spotlight, follows own spotlight cues during the performance with slight “character.”

Finding Nemo the Musical
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Theatre in the Wild
Photo taken by Colin Burger.

Puppet Tech – Performs checks and maintenance on over 70 different puppets consisting of basic hand puppets, wearables, backpack units, bicycle mechanism, and rideable designs, performs a puppet centric backstage track during shows.


Photo taken by Colin Burger.
Pandora Rangers
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – The World of Avatar
Pandora Utility Suit
Photo taken by Colin Burger

Utility Suit Tech – Performs all morning checks on the puppetry, stilts, audio, and scenic elements of the large suit, assists in the repairs and maintenance of the suit, coordinates with other technicians on ongoing repairs, dresses and undresses the performer, and runs audio during the performance through a QSys interface.

Trainer – Trains technicians on the processes listed above as well as acts as a central coordinator for distributing information to all involved technicians.

Pandora Utility Suit 2
Photo taken by Colin Burger


Pandora Drummers – Swotu Wayä
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – The World of Avatar

Drum Tech –  Tests and does maintenance on all performer microphones, V-Drums, drum triggers, and audio system that contains 45 different elements that react to multiple levels of velocity hits, maintains musical props and drum sticks, operates sound effects, engages click tracks, and mixes 3 performer microphones during show through a QSys interface, and ability to work under a large number of contingencies that happen frequently and are often called during the performance through code words by the performers.

Trainer – Trains technicians on the processes listed above as well as acts as a central coordinator for distributing information to all involved technicians.

Pandora Drum Circle
Photo taken by Colin Burger.
Carnivale and the Viva Gaia Street Band
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Discovery Island Stage

Lighting Tech – Performs a lamp check, busks lights for a live street band and harpist throughout the day and follows own cues during the nighttime dance party on a GrandMA 2 lighting console, assists the audio technician with the daily setup of the band’s microphones and audio cables.

Props Tech – Builds and maintains props for the nighttime dance party, presets the stage, does daily stilt checks, assists in the distribution and retrieval of props for audience participation, assists the audio technician with the daily strike of the bands microphone and audio cables.

Photo taken by Colin Burger.
Festival of the Lion King
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Harambe Theatre

Stilt Tech – Performs morning checks of all articulate stilts used in the show.

Global Stilt Repair Shop
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Show Support

Stilt Repair Tech – Builds and repairs all stilts on property, including Jay Walker articulate stilts for Festival of the Lion King and the Move It Shake It Celebrate It Parade, and Carnivale, Jay-Walker J-Peg stilts for the Festival of Fantasy Parade, and the specialized stilt for the Utility Suit at the Pandora Rangers, and all special event stilts on property, assists in the logging of use of all stilts on property as well as the inventory of parts, acts as a satellite technician that goes from a workshop space out to the various venues as support.

Resorts Party Cart Repair Tech – Works with the Audio Shop Crew Chief to service the audio components of the party carts used throughout the Walt Disney World Resorts.

Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center

The Studio Theatre at Tierra del Sol

Assistant Lighting Director (January 2018-June 2018)

Assist the lighting director with preparing lighting for incoming touring shows, help to coordinate over-hire hands during large load‐ins and outs, maintain inventory (instruments, cabling, gels, and accessories), lead follow-spot operator and focuser, assist touring shows with tying into house’s power, operate an ETC Gio lighting console, operate fully automated ETC fly rail, design and run shows when necessary, down rigger during all pre-rigs in the space, help with the construction of decking for bands, assist other technical departments as needed, work with other departments in the construction of an orchestra shell for select engagements, lead other techs during the lighting portion of changeovers as as all Master Electrician duties for the black box space (Studio Theatre at Tierra del Sol).

Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center Shows Included

A Night with Janis Joplin (January 9)

Dirty Dancing (January 12-13)

Glenn Miller Orchestra (January 15)

Art Garfunkel (January 16)

Villages Philharmonic Orchestra: Classical Concert (January 17)

Jack Hanna
Jack Hanna

Chita & Tommy Tune – Just in Time (January 21)

Jack Hanna (January 22)

Jack Hanna

Helsinborg Orchestra (January 24)

Gobsmacked! (January 27)

Chanticleer (January 29)

Dionne Warwick (February 1)

Air Supply (February 3)

Villages Philharmonic Orchestra: American Composers(February 6)

CabaretStudio 54

Tony Bennett (February 7)

Rain: A Tribute to the Beetles (February 9)

Cabaret (February 12-13)

Rhythm of the Dance (February 16)

Three Tenors Plus One (February 17)

Romeo & Juliet and Carmen Performed by the Moscow Festival Ballet (February 20-23)

L.A. Theatre Works, The Mountaintop By Katori Hall (February 26)

Olate Dogs: Winner of America’s Got Talent (February 28)


National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba (March 6)

Tao Drumheart
Tao Drumheart

David Feherty (March 7)

Micky Dolenz “The Voice of the Monkees” (March 10)

Tao: Drumheart (March 13)

Catapult (March 15)

Cirque Éloize Saloon (March 19-20)

An Evening with Judy Collins (March 23)

Clay Walker (March 25)

An Evening with Judy Collins (March 23)

Clay Walker (March 25)

Side Project: Returned to the University of Virginia to do Lighting design for Shakespeare on the Lawn’s Julius Caesar (March 2018).

Villages Philharmonic Orchestra Classical Concert (March 28)

Wonderland: Alice’s Rock and Roll Adventure by The Villages Charter School (April 5-7)

Villages Philharmonic Orchestra Easter Concert (April 10)

The Commodores

Jersey Boys (April 13-14)

A Chorus Line (April 18-19)

The Commodores (April 21)

The Villages Charter School’s Spring 2018 Dance Recital (April 26-28)

Vicki Lawrence & Mama (May 2)

The Villages Charter School Spring 2018 Choir Concert (May 3)

Bill Engvall (May 10)

Villages Philharmonic Orchestra Opera Gala (May 15)

The Villages Charter School Spring 2018 Band Concert (May 17)

Performing Arts Academy & Creative Compass (Month of June)

Gary Lovini (August 25)

The Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol Shows Included

Company (January 30 – March 4) – Assistant Lighting Designer, Programmer

Red (March 20 – April 22) – Master Electrician, Assistant Lighting Designer, Programmer

Tell Me On A Sunday (April 30 – May 17) – Master Electrician

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit  (April 29, 6, 13, 18) – Master Electrician

Hear My Songs (May 25 – 30) – Lighting Designer, Master Electrician

Defending the Caveman, presented by Victory Productions (June 6 – 25) – Lighting Designer, Master Electrician

Happy 50ish, presented by Victory Productions (June 10 – July 17) – Lighting Designer, Master Electrician

Circus Smirkus

2021 Big Top inTENTsive: Flare 

2017 Big Top Tour: Midnight at the Museum

Head Counselor (June 2021 – August 2021)

Lead the counseling team in taking care of a diverse group of youth circus artists while they developed a circus film over the course of the summer. Coordinate activities, maintain the physical, social, and emotional health of the troupe. Act as a voice for trouper concerns through the process of developing their show, their training, and how they interact with one another. Develop communication with their families. Teach and maintain enthusiasm about being a team player in the ring and in their bunks through chores. And among many other things making sure that they keep their rooms and their laundry clean.

Tent Crew (June 2017 – August 2017)

Assist in the set-up of the Big Top and support tents. Work show and show related maintenance duties when assigned by the Circus Operations Director. Provide assistance during rehearsal and on tour to accomplish non-tent related duties. Drive company vehicles. Assist in the set-up and tear down of back lot at the discretion of the Circus Operations Director. Operating spotlight during performances. Driving a 26′ long box truck to each stop overnight. Assisting in the advancement of the tent layout by driving stakes before arrival Other jobs as needed. During the development stage, assisting the Props Master with the building of props and scenery.

Circus Smirkus performs Midnight at the Museum on the group’s 30th Anniversary Big Top Tour. Photo by Robert Sanson

Pig Iron Theatre Company

A Period of Animate Existence

Rehearsal Assistant Stage Manager (May 2017 – June 2017)

Assist production stage manager with running rehearsals, video/document process, line of communication between for cast and artistic team, assist in the distribution of updated scripts and scores, manage large cast (children, professional, community, wrestlers, and elder) and creatives (directors, devisers, composers, designers, and musicians) a group containing over 100 people, assist in devising process.

Undergraduate Career

The University of Virginia

University of Virginia Department of Drama

Light Shop Electrician (January 2015 – May 2017)

Working under the guidance of R. Lee Kennedy and the MFA Lighting Design students, maintain a lighting and cable inventory for a black box, proscenium, and 3/4 thrust space, hang/cable/focus/strike all drama department shows, create/interpret lighting paperwork, communicate with other technical departments, educate undergraduate students of lighting in hands on settings, operate lighting boards/spotlights, operate the Clancy automated fly-rail system, operate a semi-automated fly-rail, operate a single-man vertical mast lift, solve lighting related rigging problems, assist in lighting for other university related events.

Heritage Theatre Festival

Electrician (Summer of 2015)

Under the guidance of the Master Electrician of the summer stock company, do an annual maintenance on every lighting fixture in the building, hang/cable/focus/strike five shows for the festival, interpret lighting paperwork to best actualize the designer’s intent, communicate with other technical departments, program and operate the lighting console for one of the shows, operate a spotlight for a large musical, take cues during shows as called by the Production Stage manager.

University of Virginia Department of Studio Art

Sculpting Assistant (September 2014 -September 2015)

Under the direction of William Bennett, manage three sculpting shops (clay, metal and wood) and outdoor sculpture yard, maintain order for professors and college students, assist sculpting projects, install and illuminate artwork for various showcases, operate company truck to transport supplies for off-site projects, understand and relay safety procedures to artists.

University of Virginia Department of

Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

Research Assistant (January 2014 – May 2014)

Under the direction of Chamindi Seneviratne, assist in the research on a study that worked on tracing biomarkers related to alcohol content in the blood, maintain the controls of the experiment that utilized live subjects that reported to the study for three separate weeks, this involved planning and controlling their diets and sleep schedules, reporting success of controls to the study.

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List of Artistic Projects and Shows 

Fourth Year (Fall 2016 – Spring 2017)

Extracurricular Leadership Positions and Achievements:

  • Virginia Circus President
  • Fourth Year Miller Arts Scholar
  • Fourth Year Miller Arts Award Recipient
  • University Award for Projects in the Arts Recipient
  • William Demoville Pettway Prize for Drama

Consumed – Department of Drama, Ruth-Caplin Theatre,  (May 5, 2017)

Director, Designer

New Works Festival – Department of Drama, Helms Theatre,  (April 26-28, 2017)


Spring Dance Concert– Department of Dance, Culbreth Theatre, (April 20-22, 2017)

Master Electrician

Shipwrecked! An Entertainment – Department of Drama, Ruth-Caplin Theatre, (March 30 – April 1, April 5-8, 2017)


The Importance of Being EarnestShakespeare on the Lawn, Student Activities Building, (March 30 – April 1, 2017)

Lighting Designer

Blood Wedding – Department of Drama, Culbreth Theatre, (February 23-25, February 28 and March 1-2, 2017)


Grounded: A Devised Circus ShowMiller Arts Scholars/Virginia Circus, Ruth-Caplin Theatre, (February 25-26, 2017)

Playwright, Production Manager, Clown

  • Presented at the 2017 University Award for Projects in the Arts Presentations, Center for Undergraduate Excellence (April 12)
  • Presented at the Miller Arts Scholar Showcase, Open Grounds (April 23)

Fall Dance Concert – Department of Dance, Culbreth Theatre, (December 3-5, 2016)


    • Moths  Lighting Designer

Lighting of the Lawn 2016 – UVA Drama Light Shop (December 1)


Mr. Burns, a post-electric play – Department of Drama, Ruth-Caplin Theatre (November 10-12 & 16-19, 2016)


The Comedy of Errors – Department of Drama, Culbreth Theatre (September 29 – October 1, October 6 – 9, 2016)


Summer of 2016

Participated in classes in Tightrope, Rola Bola, Wooden Globe, Juggling, Aerial Rope, and Partner Acrobatics at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.

Third Year (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016)

Extracurricular Leadership Positions and Achievements:

  • Miller Arts Scholars President, Third Year Miller Arts Scholar
  • Virginia Players Education Co-Chair
  • Drama Arts Board Member
  • Third Year Miller Arts Award Recipient

UNearthed – Baker Butler Elementary School (May 31)

Sculpting Assistant

Third Year Arts Award Project – Interactive Technology, Lighting, Perception, and the Actor 

  • Presented April 24 at the 3rd Annual Miller Arts Scholar Showcase, Open Grounds

Annie JR – DMR Adventures, Tandem Friends (April 30 – May 1)

Lighting Designer

Spring Dance Concert – Department of Dance, Ruth-Caplin Theatre, Electrician (April 28-30)

Arctic Circle (and a recipe for Swedish pancakes)Department of Drama, Helms Theatre (March 31, April 1, 2, 7, 8, 9)

Production Stage Manager

The Ruffians Residency – Drama Arts Board (March 14-18)

Board Member

  • The Ruffians: Burning Bluebeard Performance, Ruth-Caplin Theatre (March 17)
  • Physical Theatre Workshop (March 14)
  • Clowning Workshop (March 18)
  • Storytelling and Adaptation Workshop (March 18)

The Triumph of Love – Department of Drama, Ruth-Caplin Theatre (March 1-3)


Lighting of the Lawn 2015 – UVA Drama Light Shop, Rotunda (December 3)


Fall Dance Concert – Department of Dance, Culbreth Theatre (December 3-5)


Our Town – Department of Drama, Ruth-Caplin Theatre (November 18-22)

Ensemble, Electrician

The Sweetest Swing in Baseball – Department of Drama, Helms Theatre(October 22-24)


Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson – Department of Drama, Culbreth Theatre (October 1-3, 7-10)

Assistant Master Electrician

Summer of 2015

Heritage Theatre Festival 2015, University of Virginia Drama Building

  • Violet, Culbreth Theatre (July 28 – August 1)


  • Almost Maine, Ruth-Caplin Theatre (July 23 – August 1)

Electrician, Board Operator

  • I Love a Piano, Helms Theatre (July 21 – August 1)


  • Monty Python’s Spamalot, Culbreth Theatre (June 30 – July 5)

Electrician, Spot Operator

  • Luv, Ruth-Caplin Theatre,(June 25 – July 5)


Second Year (Fall 2014 – Spring 2015)

Extracurricular Leadership Positions and Achievements:

  • Second Year Miller Arts Scholar
  • a2ru Summit Attendee
  • VA Players Lab Series Committee Member
  • First Year Players Artistic Staff

Elevator Music – VA Players Reading Series (April 28)


The Art Connection: 2nd Annual Miller Arts Scholars Showcase, Helms Theatre (April 26)

Lighting Designer, Presenter

Wonderful Town – Department of Drama, Culbreth Theatre (April 16-18, 22-25)

Assistant Master Electrician, Run Crew

Home Free!VA Players Lab Series, Ruffin Hall (March 27-28)

Lighting Designer

Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts of Desire– Department of Drama, Helms Theatre (March 25-29)


Spring Dance Concert – Department of Drama, Ruth-Caplin Theatre (April 9-11)


Vodka Variations: an evening of Chekhov shorts – Department of Drama, Ruth-Caplin Theatre (February 19-21, 25-28)


Miss Expanding Universe III–  Let There Be Light Festival, PVCC (December 12)

Sculpting Assistant/Puppeteer

Lighting of the Lawn 2014 – UVA Drama Light Shop, Rotunda (December 4)


Fall Experimental Dance Concert – Department of Dance, Culbreth Theatre (December 3-5)


The Rimers of Eldritch – Department of Drama, Ruth-Caplin Theatre (November 13-15, 19-22)


The Producers – First Year Players, Student Activities Building (November 13-16)

Movement Director

Every Tongue Confess – Department of Drama, Ruth-Caplin Theatre (October 9-11, 15-17, 19)


Artist Descending a Staircase – Virginia Players Lab Series, Helms Theatre (October 9)


Summer of 2014

Pre-development work on Mimicry, an unfinished Film

First Year (Fall 2013 – Spring 2014)

Bard Fest – (April 23-26)

Co Producer

Deliver Us Not (Or Birth, Where Is Thy Sting?) – Virginia Players Lab Series, Helms Theatre (October 4-5)

Fetus # 3