Figure Drawing

These are drawings through various mediums done in a figure drawing class during Fall 2015. While I do not consider myself to be a figure drawer, I do enjoy using it as a tool for examining the human body and its movement. There is something beautiful about what the human eye can see when it really looks.

Left hand drawn by right hand and right by left. Ink pad and charcoal pencil on 18″x24″ sketchpad.IMG_3920

First attempt of a figure drawn through hash markers. Charcoal pencil on 18″x24″ sketchpad.IMG_3919

3 quick sessions of sketching the same figure on a bench and elaboration on the third. No 2. and Charcoal Pencil on 18″x24″ sketchpad.IMG_3921

Began by drawing geometric plains and then working the material to make more naturalistic. Chalk on 18″x24″ Black Mi-tientes paperIMG_3926

2nd time of the above approach with a different subject. Focused on bringing out the sculptural qualities of a human.IMG_3924

Exploring a figure in space. Pastels on 18″x24″ orange mi-tientes paper.IMG_3923

Exploring a figure within the entirety of a room as well as the play of shadows.. Pastels and chalk on 18″x24″ pinkish mi-tientes paper.IMG_3922

Exploring the ability to make brown look like white. Pastels on 18″x24″ brown craft paper.IMG_3927

Part of a series of quick sketches. Pastels on 8″x8″ magenta woven paper.IMG_3925IMG_2674IMG_2673IMG_2672IMG_2671