Photos credited to U.Va. Department of Drama Dance Program, photographer Tom Daly.

Troubled by the hardships and happenings of today’s world Veraque is a piece which seeks to explore how we as individuals interact with plight – whether it be our neighbors’ or our own. The piece seeks to find some semblance of resolve to challenging questions such as: What does it look like to embody empathy? What does it look like if we don’t? How do we make some of the complex crossroads of empathy and apathy, and what can we possibly do about it? –Semora Ward

Choreography and Costume Design by Semora Ward

Sound Design by Semora Ward and George Adeosun

Music: “Solution” (Voice) by Regis, “Untitled Transient” by Ben Frost, “Am I Free” by Wax Tailor
Dancers: Audrey Crooks, Rachel Good, Mackenzie Regan, Reid Schnider, Jing Zhu

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